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I am the founder and CEO of Molly Wood Media, the voice of the climate economy.

  • I help enterprise clients and startups tell their climate stories as a consultant and storyteller.

  • I tell those stories myself in my newsletter and on my podcast, both called Everybody in the Pool.

  • I’m scouting for investments as a venture partner with Amasia, a climate tech venture fund that’s focused on behavior change in the climate space.

If you would like to hire me as a startup advisor or consultant, please email me!

Why me? I spent more than 20 years covering technology and business as a writer, podcaster, broadcaster, and on television. I am a podcast pioneer, having launched one of the first commercially successful podcasts way back in 2005 (Buzz Out Loud). I have developed and launched video series and original podcasts at CNET/CBS, the New York Times, and Marketplace, where I created both Make Me Smart and How We Survive. My work has also appeared in Wired and The Atlantic.

In 2016, I became interested in (obsessed with?) looking for solutions to the climate crisis, rather than more anxiety-inducing problems, and launched the How We Survive reporting series and narrative podcast at Marketplace. But I still wanted more direct action. So in 2022, after some five years of covering climate tech solutions, I pivoted to venture capital and became an early-stage climate tech investor. Now, I’m combining all of those skills into one company, and one overriding ethos: everybody in the pool. Together, we can get this done.


For speaking inquiries, please contact CAA.

For all other professional inquiries, email me!

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Q: Is that a hummingbird in your logo? Why?

A: You bet! Hummingbirds never rest. They have no chill. They are constantly busy, and occasionally aggressive, and the amount of energy they devote to each and every day is astounding. You want to solve a problem? Be like a hummingbird.

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Molly Wood is a climate tech investor and startup advisor, and a longtime journalist in print, on radio, and TV, and a podcasting pioneer. Opinions are to be expected.