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A few things:

Didn’t know about Mill, but wife and I have a Lomi and can heartily recommend the concept of drying and grinding up organic waste before disposal. We live in a desert-y part of SoCal where it is routinely triple digits July-October. The stuff doesn’t stink even when out in the greenwaste can for days before the day for curbside pick up. I am sure Mill would be the same, and it is a revelation to get this waste out of the house and into a reprocessing scheme with minimal effort and no odors.

We own two EVs. I understand as homeowner I have ability to charge at home (also a Grizzl-e) which a resident of a condo or apartment may not also enjoy. However, for an owner of a townhome or detached home, charging from home is ridiculously easy. It is also better for the battery than Fast Charging (Level 3). Range anxiety is something which fades (A) when you can top off overnight at home, and (B) when you get a sense of the car’s power appetite; also driving in the city is better than the highway in terms of power consumption, one of the many “up is down” contrasts with ICE cars and the habits we built up.

Finally I can give a strong recommendation for the Kia Niro EV; one from 2020 is easily found below the $25K price marker which allows for the $4K Federal tax credit. It is very well made, the top line is surprisingly well-featured, the range is very good (~270 miles), and it is an excellent commuter car or 2nd car to run errands. And it takes off like a scalded cat. Mine is coming up on the end of its lease and I have loved every minute.

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