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If there is to be policy set forward for carbon tax, why do I get the feeling most of that burden will be placed onto the consumer? There needs to be costs directly associated by weight of product like we do with fruits, vegetables, meat and pretty much any consumable product. If there is a carbon tax incentive then there should also be a tax reward. Again, I have seen hundreds of articles and blogs talking about the taxes but none of the rewards. Why aren't tax payers benefiting from their local state and federal impacts on our preservation goals for fish, game, and wildlife habitats? Surely we are entitled to a kind of tax rebate fund for every organic carbon offset that we are currently paying for don't we? I think an incentive structure along with a tax code that measures and balances these effects would do well on both sides of the political aisle. Corporations and the rich cannot be the only ones who benefit from these ESG measures yet that is all I'm seeing with current legislation like "45Q".

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