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Episode 30: Everybody Who was in the 2023 Pool

Introducing the Everybody in the Pool Green Gift Guide

Everybody in the Pool Episode 29: Building a Community Pool (of Electrified Houses)

Everybody in the Pool Episode 28: The Deep End of Electric Cars

Ozempic is a climate story

Swimming with vegans

Climate change doesn't care if you believe in climate change

Lahaina, heartbreak, and mounting costs

The timelines where we fixed global warming

How to invest in renewable energy your dang self

Death to doomerism, keep hope alive!

What if airplanes only emitted water?

Don't sleep on this climate warrior: Mia Mottley.

Daily decarb: rent your clothes!

Using 401(k)s to drain the fossil fuel pool

On better shopping ... and better NOT shopping

Facebook rejected my podcast ad

No pool for you: how climate is changing real estate

A drop becomes a flood: on climate-positive investing

Announcement: The newsletter is now the podcast!

The VIA strategy for climate solutions

Kill the free return

Bluesky: the opposite of doomscrolling

Hey, America, we need to stay in the pool

Bonus: Spring cleaning in media. Call me, boys!

Fine, I admit it. I'm sad about Twitter.

Surprise! It's a new podcast! (And book club!?)

Every problem is an opportunity. The climate crisis is a planet-full.

Join me on Notes!

Slowly at first, and then all at once (RIP Twitter)

How AI kills us: energy use

Join my chat, let's hang out!

Aurora hunting and Tesla Ubers

Climate changed: some thoughts on adaptation

The last free post*

Introducing Molly Wood Media

The culture war of doom

Yes, you can start a climate company

My first year as a climate tech investor ... and what's to come in 2023. Hint: bugs.